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So I had some friends over not too long ago for our weekly reality TV binge session. We were catching up on the most recent season of Love Island (UK), a.k.a my favorite tv show to binge, and there was an episode where they all made each other dinner. I thought this was really cute and thought I would recreate it to show my friends how much I appreciate them yelling at the TV with me in unison.

Now, the contestants on the show made a three course meal. However, I’m a broke college student, so I just decided to make something my roommate had been begging for me to make for weeks…Chicken and Rice.

Chicken and Rice was one of her favorite meals growing up and so she asked if I could add it to my list of things to try. This specific recipe was a one skillet recipe, which are my personal favorite because it means less dishes to do after dinner. Therefore, this was the perfect recipe to try with my group of peeps.

Everything started off pretty smooth, my roommate went with me to the grocery store to get all of the supplies and our excitement grew. We got home and my friends helped me chop up all of the vegetables that were going into the pot first.

This was the first time I had cooked with a group of my friends before. I didn’t think anything of it at first, but, for whatever reason watching all my friends work together, laughing and joking around the kitchen made my heart so happy.

Maybe that’s why I got distracted and totally messed up reading the recipe. It was only supposed to take 45 minutes from prep to plate, but, as you can imagine I made some mistakes along the way and ending up spending two hours stirring the pot.

The mistake I made was not cooking the rice at least a little bit before putting it in the pan. Normally, you would just cook the rice in the pan with your other ingredients, which would make it a one pot dish. However, I bought the wrong type of rice which made the cooking time longer than what the recipe intended. So, I kept going over to check the pot, and the rice continuously let me down by still being undercooked.

In the end, after two long hours in the kitchen, my friends and I enjoyed a home cooked meal together and made some memories to last a lifetime.

All in all, I would rate this recipe: 8/10

If you would like to try it yourself, click the link below. I did tweak the recipe a bit to help you guys out. As always, if you have any questions send me a message.

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