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So a few weeks ago I made a blog post talking about some recipes I wanted to try during the middle of a snowstorm. (Click the link below to check it out if you haven’t.) Of course they were all warm stews and soups and I was so excited to test them out on my roomies. Well I finally tried out something on the menu…Tortellini Minestrone.

Everything was smooth sailing at first. I went to the store to grab all of the ingredients came home and started working away. Cutting up vegetables is something that I really enjoy (I know I’m weird sue me) and I really just kind of meditated chopping up the veggies and watching them all cook in the bottom of the pan.

Before I knew it everything was in the pot bubbling and mending the flavors together. It made the apartment smell so good and my mouth was literally watering waiting to try a spoonful. I got a spoon out of the drawer and dipped it into my gorgeous masterpiece to take a bite. After I swallowed I remembered the reason why I hadn’t made tortellini minestrone before was because I HATED IT.

It was probably the most anti-climactic moment of my life. I spent over an hour chopping vegetables, adding ingredients, stirring, simmering, and smelling the amazing flavors… and in the end it was really all for nothing.

But I wasn’t about to let this stop me. I had made some legit Tortellini Minestrone with all organic vegetables and fresh spices. So I did what any 20 something would do, and went to the dollar store to buy tiny plastic ware so everyone I knew could enjoy the masterpiece that I hated.

After I had given away the entire gigantic pot of the Tortellini Minestrone, I decided that I should stick to stuff that I know I like for a bit. So my next couple posts are going to be some of my favorite meals to make, rather than the stews and soups I thought up on a snow day.

If you guys had a recipe on the list that I posted in my previous blog post that you still want to see me make, send me a message and I would be more than happy to oblige.

Until next time! xoxo

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