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Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers

I love stuffed bell peppers but most recipes call for ground beef or some other type of meat. Well, since my roommate and I became vegetarian (kind of) it has been hard finding recipes we both like that also fills us up. Tonight I tried a vegetarian recipe in hopes we would all leave the table satisfied.

The recipe is easy to read, as long as you aren’t an idiot like me, and it doesn’t require much talent from the chef. I made the mistake of forgetting to cook the rice until I was ready to mix all the ingredients together. So then I had the pleasure of taking a 45 minute break while waiting for the rice to do its thing.

After the rice was cooked I got back to business and continued to make the stuffing.

*side note: I will drop the recipe on the ‘Recipe’ page if you want to try it yourself.*

It was fairly simple. Just mix all the ingredients together and stuff the peppers. The recipe called for a slow cooker and to roast the peppers for 3-4 hours. I was on a time crunch, it was already 6 o’clock and we were all starved so I switched up the recipe to fit my needs. But even then they turned out great.

The peppers were tender and all the stuffing was cooked through, we did end up adding more marinara sauce because the recipe didn’t call for very much but other than that I had zero complaints.

I paired the stuffed peppers with a carrot and apple salad which was TO DIE FOR. This side dish is absolutely perfect for the summer. It is light and zesty and pairs well with just about anything.

*side note: I will also drop this recipe on the ‘Recipe’ page is you want to recreate my whole meal.*

All in all, a pretty tasty vegetarian meal that didn’t break the bank. For more information as far as the cost break down of the meal, check out each recipe on the ‘Recipe’ page for exact prices and where everything was bought.

I hope you guys get a chance to try these two dishes, they are perfect for the summer. The stuffed bell peppers would be interesting to try on the grill at a summer barbecue and the apple and carrot salad is an easy and crowd pleasing dish to bring to gatherings as well.

Overall I rate the ‘Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers’: 8/10

Overall I rate the ‘Apple and Carrot Salad’:9/10

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